3 Benefits of Using Propane Burnishers

Large floor areas such as those in the commercial settings need heavy duty floor cleaning equipment for good quality work at low costs of operation. Property owners have a choice of going for the traditional electric or battery-operated floor burnishers or go for the propane burnishers. The latter is a newer technology in cleaning floors. Here are the reasons why property owners should go for propane cleaners instead of other technologies.

Requires Less Recharging

The battery operated burnishers, as well as their electric ones, need constant charging when the cleaner is working on a larger floor plan. This is time wasting especially if a large floor area awaits cleaning. The propane operated unit can work several floors with a single fill thereby cutting off the back and forth trips to the nearest socket. An operator works faster and can do lots of floor cleaning in no time.

Provides a Shiny Finish

This floor cleaning equipment comes with high-speed burnishing pads that turn at speed higher than 1500 rpm. It is also heavy, which helps in increasing the friction to the floor for better shine and smoothing out scratches on the floor. The pads have natural fibers that enhance the abrasion capability of the equipment for a smoother finish. The floor cleaner does not damage exotic stone floors with its abrasion.

Low-cost Operation

Unlike the battery-powered or electric floor burnishers, the propane operated burnishers use less fuel to clean a square foot of the floor. Propane is cheaper than electricity and readily available in many areas. Besides, the cleaning equipment burns the propane slowly thereby using little propane to clean a wide area. The savings are evident on large floor plans where regular cleaning happens.

Propane burnishing is a new, greener technology that enhances floor cleaning at a lower cost than the traditional cleaning equipment. It has safety mechanisms built in place to ensure users are safe from fires. In addition, the cleaning machine is easy to control and does not have high emissions while working. A combination of the above benefits makes it good choice equipment for cleaning wide floor areas.