Navigate Venue Booking Sites to Find Premier Event Locations

Renting a venue space can be a hassle free experience. There are many websites that offer venue rental information as well as direct links to book your space immediately. Sites like Peerspace and other party rental sites will take the busy work out of reservations. These types of sites provide pictures of the venue, pricing, date availability and direct contact information for additional questions you may have prior to booking.

Why are you booking a space? Are you looking to host a work conference and require just a comfortable meeting room? Are you considering renting out a room that comes stocks with a bar and bartender? These types of rooms are great for birthday parties, engagement announcement parties, retirement parties, promotional parties and even a casual get together. Are you looking for a room that is more banquet in style? These rooms are typically used for sit-down rooms and accommodate the same types of parties as listed above but also can accommodate bridal and baby shower as well as luncheons.

No matter what type of venue you are looking for you will be able to enjoy the luxury and convenience of utilizing a one stop shop type of website that provides room and booking information in one easy to navigate site. These sites will make your party planning a breeze. Some venue booking sites also have links to venders they work with. These venders would include bartenders and bar supply companies, catering companies, wait staff companies and transportation, local lodging and decoration venders.

Knowing your city is as important as knowing your venue. You may be hosting an event that requires lodging. It is a great idea to research the local hotels, air B&B’s and resorts. If you supply your guests with this information when you give them the invitation to the event they will have plenty of time to reserve a room close to the venue. Sometimes hotels will also hold blocks of rooms for guests to reserve. These rooms will be at reduced rates for a limited time. If you can fine lodging near your event venue that does not require transportation rental, then you will be saving your guests a hassle. Be sure to inquire about shuttle service from the hotel or resort to the venue.

It is also important to note that some party spaces do not come with necessities to actually host the party. Sometimes when you rent the space you are only getting the space. If you are unclear on what is included in your rental it is best to contact a customer service representative prior to booking. Some pictures may depict a room that is full of tables and chairs as well as fully set tables with linens and dishes. The room may not come with any of that. There may be fine print with referral information to venders that can supply the tables, chairs, linens and dishes. Always fully read and understand your rental contract and ask questions when you are not sure about anything. When you are well versed in your venue you will be able to rest assured knowing your party will be well managed.